Format Fibromyalgia

My Fibromyalgia Story Format

When telling your fibromyalgia story, three sections are given to make your story as helpful as possible.

My Fibromyalgia History & Diagnosis
Use this section to tell other fibromyalgics about your history. When did you realize that an invisible illness has crept up on you? How many doctors or heath care specialists did you visit before being diagnosed? What type of doctor or specialist diagnosed you? Feel free to use this section to "complain" about the ignorance of doctors as other people will be able to identify with your story. In general, we all have the same story - just the details are different.

My fibromyalgia symptoms
This section is used to tell other's about how severe (or mild) your fibromyalgia symptoms are, and how many symptoms you have. Quite often people have numerous accompanying challenges that they are dealing with, in addition to fibromyalgia.

My fibromyalgia Do's and Don'ts
Use this section to give other fibromyalgics tips about what does not work for you (i.e. what aggravates your fibromyalgia symptoms), or give tips on what actually works for you (i.e. what does not aggravate your symptoms). People will benefit from your experience by letting them know what to be aware of. You may also use this section to recommend any books that you think may be of value.


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